Welcome to Cognizance.  We turn data into intelligence.

Cognizance is an information design service and methodology that re-engineers the information you share and magnifies the message in ways the human brain finds easier to understand. Simplifying data, and making it say more. If your brand has anything to do with clarity, communication, technology, or innovation, Cognizance can help you demonstrate it.

Clarity is at the heart of Cognizance. With relatively little extra effort, the information you are already producing can be distilled for easier interpretation and more effective use. Conclusively. Cognizance magnifies the meaning within each presentation of numbers, text and imagery. To reinforce your brand, and have a the most powerful and direct impact possible on employees, partners and customers.

   Model for Hub-and-Spoke route map

   adds travel time and flight frequency.


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Cognizance services are available either as ongoing consulation, or turnkey delivery of methodology, backed by contracted service support. Either way, you end up with the tools you need to make sure information is being converted into intelligence.

We provide a no-obligation review of your organization's  communication. Or, for a reasonable consultation fee, we will provide an audit of a series or campaign of all your communications, and make recommendations both strategic and tactical. Either way it costs nothing to contact us for initial discussions.

Cognizance solutions are tailored to each message, organization and audience. To schedule an appointment or find out more about how it applies to your unique situation, please call 303-888-5888 or send us an email.


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