Images. Be careful how you use them.

From financial boilerplate to product lit, text presented without an idea of how it should be interpreted is lacking the clues that make it memorable. If you're not helping readers find the key points of large bodies of text, your message is lost. Images that make sense to their creators can convey pure chaos to the viewer. If there isn't a clear, unified message to an image you are using, it is not doing its job

When an image like this one, on athletic performance, tries to do too much, it accomplishes nothing. Translating an athlete's results into symbols created a colorful graphic, but necessitates a decoding process. Requiring more work of the reader is one giant step backward.


Our solution? Determine the most significant stats from the total and present them, in this case in comparison with all the other athletes. There are lots of ways to do that, and all help clarify the message, not hide it.

Many "infographics" simply illustrate the categories in play, and do little to uncover interesting corellations or draw conclusions. The point of an infographic should be to show us something we didn't know.


This one is designed to compare relative digestive times of popular fast foods. But instead, it illustrates foods we already are familiar with, and hides its metrics in separate numerical form without regard to the medium of comparison: Time. Our solution: compare the important data using a metaphor theme that fits the message, one which everyone recognizes and uses every day: a clock.

Airline route maps look good on the boardroom table but are useless in planning travel. Our solution is to simplify and represent in the context of the geographic environment. A spoke-and-hub system deserves a more streamlined, simplified concept.



One of our designs was influenced by the old crossroads signs of an earlier generation. The updated version uses less noise but can also add information on travel time, flight frequency, equipment, on-time record and international connections. It is so effective it provides a foundation for an online interactive planner, which will also include seat availability and pricing info.

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