Words. Worth a million pictures.

The scenario goes like this. Your Legal department or HR issues recommendations on policy or liability that has to be circulated. It's 37 pages long. The draft is painfully monotonous, with paragraphs that are 20 lines long and nothing more than page numbers at the bottom for navigation. But you're told nothing can change, so you're stuck with it. Or are you?


Cognizance can review the message, ask a few questions, and make recommendations on how even the most tedious boilerplate can be adapted for more memorable and meaningful access. Without changing a single word. Your staff will thank you. And Legal will be flabbergasted.


Graphic support (right) can make long sections of blank verbiage (like the example above) meaningful. But lacking images and chart support, there are formatting and typographic enhancements that help isolate the key points, steer the reader's attention, and fight monotony.


Even a Table of Contents can prepare the reader for what's in store, and help him/her navigate to the sections of most relevance. And more imortant, demonstrate the document was intended to be read.

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